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Project Bauernbad: Overall information

Photo of VSM loc 64415 in Beekbergen, photo made by P.PasmanAt home I have partially built a H0-layout from 1995 - 2003 named: BAUERNBAD. This layout was located somewhere in the hills of western Germany in the late 50's, early 60's operating steam and diesel engines.

December 2003 this layout was teared down. It does not exist anymore. This website is my good memory.

I started work on this layout in 1995 with all the experience gained from building and operating M-Track modules. Therefore I decided to use segments to build my layout. Reasons for that are that you can easily end the making of a segment compared to a complete layout and also that it is easier to move a segmented layout compared to a layout in one piece. Especially the last argument was fruitfull. In 1999 my wife and I moved house. I was able to re-use 4/5th of my layout already built again in my new house, due to building in segments. If you start building a layout, please build it in segments, because you never know what is going to happen with your personal life.

Anyway, this layout is completely separated from the M-Track stuff built around Märklin technology (3-rail AC current). The main idea of this home layout is point-to-point traffic from an end station in the underground towards an end station in the scenery. Within the theme and layout parts of this website more information is given on the background and the actual layout.

Why this? I had an idea, which I wanted to make. The idea was to make a layout where lots of work was to be done when playing with the trains and not just only watch trains passing by in an automated manner. I needed to force myself in some scheme where I needed to be active, otherwise I could become lazy.... like everybody I suppose.

Therefore I chose to make a so-called 'Spitzkehrenbahnhof' or double-end station, where trains come in via one route and need to leave the station in the opposite direction via the other route. The theme is further described in the theme part of this website. The actual layout is described in the layout part. Have fun reading it!

the signal box of the station C during build-up All tracks on the different stations and a helix currently (1/2003) are completely ready, tested and in operation. Also all signals and some ligthts are installed and working.

What I make and have made is explained in technical information home layout.

In the photographs section of this website you will find photographs of the whole layout, starting way back in 1995 up to now.

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