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Building a frieze

In order to retrieve a nice lighting on my layout I installed six fluorescent lights to the ceiling. These lights are mounted just before the front of the layout. This was done so a frieze could be mounted just before the lights. Goal was to have a well lighted layout without lights hitting the eyes of the spectators. This was achieved using this layout. This layout is explained further using the following figure:

fries 1

This figure shows the exact place of the fluorescent lights mounted to the ceiling. Just before the lights a frieze was mounted. The following photographs show the result:

fries 1 fries 2

The left picture shows the result from the spectators viewpoint. No light is visible but the eye is attrackted to the layout. The right picture shows the opposite side of the frieze with the lights, the lath mounted to the ceiling and the frieze. Simpel but effective formula.

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