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Technical information on M-Track modules

As discussed in general information on modules I have made three different pieces of layout for the M-Track Groep Nederland. General information applicable for all modules include:

    image of module 1
  • The use of 9 mm plywood for the general construction, strengthened with 44 * 44 mm deal blocks, screwed and glued together: a very strong basis for making light weight, non-twisting modules. The track bed is made of 3 mm cork.
  • The use of Märklin K-rails: 2205 flex-rails and 2271 switches (later on also the new ones without moving point 22715 and 22716).
  • The use of Circuitron Tortoise switch motors: very strong, easy to install and fitted with two switch contacts on the motor for feedback of its position.
  • M-Track stop sections as described in MTN350 of the M-Track norms.
  • The use of Woodland Scenics, Heki, Busch, Pola and Faller scenery material
Piece by piece information is structured as follows: Please use the links to get more information on one of the five subjects.

Furthermore I give the hint to look into the Tipps & Tricks part of this website for some useful electronic circuits used in my modules.

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