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Introduction to Weissenfels

Weissenfels is the successor of Bauernbad (look the Bauernbad part of this site). January 2004 I started to design and build this layout in a new room in the loft of my house. This layout will size 6 * 3 m2. The basis is a via the software Koploper and Intellibox digitally controlled 2-rail DC layout with Motorola decoders and DCC decoders in the locos. This layout will be located in the late 50s early 60s in the steep hills of middle Germany. There will also be the possibility to put trains on the layout of the 30s and 40s and of the 70s and 80s. The theme of the layout is developed in the theme part. The process to come to the actual layout design is described in detail in the layout part.

The goal with this layout is to show heavy freight traffic next to passengers trains and train-units. The passengers trains timeschedule can be shown in an automatic way, but next to that it shall be possible to switch around with freight trains. For me it also is important to show something that could have been real. Still it remains a fictive layout. To build a real station in 1:87 is simply impossible, even with a layout size of 18 m2. Furthermore it is nice to fantasize your own layout and build from there.

The layout will be built in segments building all digital equipment as close as possible to the required contact points. Therefore a segement can be technically completed and tested before it is put into the layout. More on this can be read in the technical part.

As I do not want to constantly change trains on my layout I need a vast amount of tracks to hold all my trains, now and in the future. The layout design will need to cope with this. Train-units can be stored on end-tracks as normal trains can be stored in 'shadow' stations. Switching freight trains shall be designed carefully in order not to face problems when taking up a real switching situation with fun. It would be great if an empty freight train could come to Weissenfels and a full one would depart again later....

Another starting point is to use in the scenery part of the layout only Tillig PILZ ELITE tracks and switches. Tillig has 12 degree switches for the main-track and 15 degrees switches for the switching part of the layout. What has become out of this?

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