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Photographs of the Weissenfels layout (10)

September 2007:

It has been very quiet the last year since I wrote the last photo page. Due to my family with two small kids, work, etc I have not been able to spend much time working on my layout. But, some things have happened:

1. I managed to get my whole layout up and running again after the lightning strike last year.
2. Some work on the scenery started
3. I placed a frieze around the lights on the ceiling
4. I painted the whole front of the layout black
5. I put up the major part of the background of the layout
6. The trains are running!

Next photos show the items done so far:

New items in stock: BR216 (Brawa) and three 'Silberlinge' (Roco):
BR216 nieuw silberling nieuw
Background and scenery works ongoing:
background 1 background 2
Making a frieze:
Frieze 1 Frieze 2
Painting the front of the layout:
front 1 front 2
A little bit of scenery work:
scenery 1
scenery 3 scenery 2

scenery 4 scenery 5

I will be working out a new website the coming months. In the meantime I'll be building on slowly....

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